Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Women that pay for play

There’s a woman that comes to my bar, lets call her Lisa, a middle aged white woman with a good job. When you first meet her, she’s sweet, kind, generous and quiet. Actually, the first time I met her, she was a bitch. A slight misunderstanding during a shift change made her feel underserved, but she has since gotten over that and we are the best of friends now.

Over time, I have figured out that Lisa is a woman that likes to pay for play. I could only assume as much during typical bar conversations with her, but as she became more comfortable with me and other regulars at the bar, she began to openly admit she pays men for sex.

Payment may not always come in the form of cash, sometimes it could be as a cosigner for a vehicle or an apartment. Other times it could be an investment in a man’s start-up or trips out of the country.

I’ve heard several stories from the other side of the bar from different women and their relationships with men, but I think Lisa was the first that outright came out and said she pays men for sex. The funny thing is that every since her open revelation, I have been hearing several other women, primarily middle aged white women, saying they pay for sex.

Nothing really shocks me anymore, however, there are more women out here than I thought that would be willing to pay for play. And they are not shy about it. At least not after a couple of drinks they’re not. And anyone that knows me, knows my mind is always in grind mode, so I really be wanting to make a business out of the shit. Not no fake Ashley Madison bullshit, but some real black book type of shit.

For example, hey Pamela, I got one of the homies that’ll smash you for $1500. Or, he got a personal training business and need some start-up money so lets set up a package deal. I get my cut, the homie gets his cut and you get what you want. And if need be, he is willing to travel wherever you may be at the time.

As crazy as that may sound, it is definitely plausible. I guess that’s why I had to sign an agreement that I will not provide sexual services to guests at my bar because they knew people like me would really do it. Not to mention that some have already done it.

As long as there is a demand, there is a market. Who knows, one day I may have to open up shop and get paid out here.

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