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White, Rousey owe Mayweather an apology

First and foremost, I represent the Hip Hop culture to the fullest, even though I am a bartender by trade, this Hip Hop nigga. And I fucks with Floyd “Money” Mayweather to the fullest regardless of his faults.

Now, on to Dana White and Ronda Rousey. They been trolling Mayweather for the last year or two talking big shit about how Rousey would beat Mayweather, this, that and the third. However, just when all the MMA nerds thought boxing was dead and that MMA fighters had the advantage over boxers, Rousey gets her ass kicked by a boxer. Well, I’ll be damned.

Just watched the fight and after 45 seconds, Rousey looked winded. Better get your miles up Rousey, this chess not checkers as Mayweather likes to say. Maybe if you had your wind up, Holly Holm wouldn’t have been catching your ass with all them strikes.

Truth be told, I’m not a Rousey hater, I even shouted her out in one of my songs, but when you spend all your free time trolling the pound for pound boxing king, retired or not, you make yourself a target to those that really know about this fight game.

And bitch ass Dana White, the man Mayweather gave one of his first national opportunities to kept trolling and dissing. I even posted an article about how Floyd put that bitch nigga on. So let me ask Dana now, will Rousey still “rag doll” Mayweather? Fuck Dana White and if I was to see him today, I would say it to his face. Fuck the consequences.

I’m done. UFC, White and Rousey owe Mayweather an apology for all that free publicity they were getting by using his name to build their brand. You bitches.

And fuck ESPN too for giving Rousey fighter of the year.

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