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What’s your signal to noise ratio?

Signal to noise ratio is defined as –  the ratio of signal power to the noise power, often expressed in decibels.

When dealing with their personal lives, how does one calculate their SNR? When you are out and about on a daily basis, can you differentiate between the signs that are truly there to help guide you through your life and the noise that is present just to distract you?

Is that inspirational quote you just heard in your new favorite commercial truly inspirational, or is it just inspiring you to be a consumer? Or is that new person you just met that seems like a Godsend truly a cancer and extremely toxic to your existence?

These questions are not as easy to answer, as say, a conversation about football, then someone contributes some information that is truly irrelevant, when the topic was football. Of course, whoever just mentioned some information about the stock market crashing instead of football is the noise maker, and so, must be reminded the topic is football and not stocks.

The fastest way to eliminate noise in your life is to know what’s the signal. For example, if you go to a job everyday that you have come to dislike, then that job is noise. And the more you entertain that noise, the weaker your signal becomes.

Therefore, you must find some activity that will help to strengthen your signal until you can eliminate the root cause of the noise, which is the job you do not like. Apply this logic to any facet of your life whether it is debt, relationships, education, time management, etc.

For some people, all areas of their lives are filled with noise, thus making it almost impossible to muster the strength to increase their signal. And instead of decreasing the noise in one area of their life at a time, they either continue to let the noise get out of control or they seek a cure all that in all actuality will zap any remaining signal they had.

Noise can create stress, disease, drama, disappointment and failure. But is it impossible to stop the noise and cure the ailments it causes? Or is there a way, an efficient way to increase your signal and do away with all discomfort?

The latter question is very much possible. And before you start some new diet or new work out regimen, you must first know yourself. What is it that will truly strengthen your signal that is not based on consumerism, but based on sharing. What is it that you can share with the world that will strengthen your signal?

The vast majority of successful people on this planet built their empires based on filling a need. And when we talk about success, that is relative. If you feel like having a billion dollars in the bank is success, how much sharing with others do you have to do to achieve that level of success?

Sharing works wonders for the world and for you as an individual because it allows you to strengthen your signal. The stronger your signal becomes, the world becomes a better place for you and others. And as the world becomes a better place, you are more able to decipher the difference between the signals you receive and the noise that can block those signals from reaching you.



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