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What to do when you get hit

Last night’s “upset” loss of UFC megastar Ronda Rousey shocked the world. She was touted as being invincible and this helped in marketing her as the premiere female athlete in all of sports. But with all the praise that was heaped upon Rousey, not many thought to ask what will she do when she gets hit. That never crossed the minds of the majority of people who are familiar with her. They just thought she was going to keep charging opponents, taking them down, apply the armbar and keep racking up wins.

The funny shit is that a regular at my bar and I just had the conversation on Wednesday about the exact same thing. We wanted to see Rousey get hit to see how resilient she is, how durable was she truly.

The conversation started as we were watching ESPN on one of the flat screens at the bar. Highly Questionable was on and Papi, Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones were showing a little girl in the woods displaying some incredible hand speed shadowboxing a tree. I immediately turned to my regular and said, “Yea, that looks impressive but I want to see what happens when she gets hit.”

Almost immediately, the conversation turned to Rousey and we both said we wanted to see if Rousey is as tough as she seems once she gets hit. And what do you know, a little more than 72 hours later, we found out. She wasn’t ready for someone to hit her back. She was ready to do what she was used to doing, which is instilling fear in opponents, charging them and locking in that armbar. When Holly Holm took that away from her, Rousey had no answer, no plan B and ended up getting dominated.

My only knock on Rousey was the constant trolling of Floyd Mayweather, saying she could beat him, etc. And her wack ass promoter, Dana White, enabling her to do so. At some point, I think she lost focus and believed all the hype, some of which was deserved, but not the way she was displaying it.

That’s the lesson here today people. Prepare to get hit and when you do, know how you would react. And I am not just talking about a physical punch or kick to the face, I’m talking adversity period. Are you the type to fold up or do you have an emergency plan to overcome the cards of challenge when they are dealt?

That’s why mental issues exist the world over because people don’t know how to react to getting hit. For one person it could getting a B when they are used to getting straight A’s. For another it could be finding out a significant other has cheated on you. And for yet another person, it could be losing a loved one. People just aren’t prepared for certain things.

That’s the point I want to make here is just prepare for the unexpected. Try to open your mind to all possible outcomes and try to analyze how you would handle things that unexpectedly hit you. All things are not preventable, so when you do encounter that moment of adversity, deal with it and overcome it.

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