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What is Uber VIP

If you are a loyal Uber rider, then you may have seen the ride share technology company rolling out the new Uber VIP service in your area over the past year. What we have seen is that Uber VIP is not a uniform loyalty rewards program. Uber VIP varies by region.

For example, in cities like New York, you become Uber VIP after taking 100 rides. Whereas in cities like Atlanta and Nashville, Uber VIP requires the rider to use the ride share service a minimum of 10 rides per month to unlock the VIP service.

So, with a “loyalty rewards” program such as Uber VIP, one would think the program would be universal. However, it is not. In New York, for instance, Uber VIP is activated for the rider to be able to use their VIP status for either UberX or Uber Black. Whereas in Atlanta, the VIP status is only available for UberX.

Also, since there are fewer drivers that fit the Uber VIP prerequisites, wait times for the Uber VIP service might be longer than the typical wait time for the Uber service you use most frequently. To be more specific, Uber VIP drivers are required to have at least a 4.8 rating and a “high quality” car.

In Atlanta, at the time I started using Uber, the requirements for an Uber driver’s car was 2006 or newer. That’s not bad considering rival service Lyft was requiring drivers to have a vehicle that was 2001 or newer. Plus, Uber offered various levels of service that Lyft did not.

Since Uber informed me of my VIP status, I have used the service three times. And although the cars were less random than the typical UberX experience, I didn’t necessarily feel it was a VIP experience.

I would urge Uber to uniformly train their drivers to provide a truly VIP experience. Because according to the VIP driver requirements, a driver could be one bad review away from no longer being able to provide that service. Therefore, VIP drivers should be coached up constantly on ways to retain their status.

For example, if you know you are an Uber VIP driver, then the level of service should be taken up a notch. Provide the simple amenities, open the door, know the city in which you are driving, etc. Otherwise, Uber VIP is just a service that assures the rider that the car you’ll be riding in is not some random vehicle that is above and beyond the requirements that your region specifies.

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