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U.S. Vs Germany Pub Life

It’s fucking 11:30 am eastern time in the good ole USA and I’m at Meehans Public House in Atlantic Station, and it’s a nice crowd in here. Mind you this is a Thursday morning in a country that’s supposedly not so futbol friendly.

Maybe all the capitalist scumbags are capitalizing on an opportunity to skip work or take an extended lunch break to drink and pseudo cheer for their capitalist corporation masking as a country. Whatever the perspective, this shit is still fun.

Now they are on a wait with 15 minutes until match time. The background noise is beginning to intensify, and as I turn my shoulder to the left, towards the entrance, the crowd is growing.

The USA needs one point to guarantee a trip to the round of 16 in consecutive World Cups for the first time in God knows how long. Shit, I’m typing this post on my iPhone, no time to play Tony Reali or some type of stat boy. I’m technologically advanced enough to download WordPress to my phone and type a post but not technologically advanced enough to switch screens and search for stats in this drink heavy pub environment.

This shit is starting to get crazy now. Non stop chatter, no more seats at the bar and looks like the wait is approximately 30 minutes at this point.

This is new school journalism ladies and gentlemen, cover as you go or should I say, post as you go. I fucking love it, posting articles on my iPhone.

People are just standing everywhere now. I’m right in front of the taps when I hear a loud “I need a 420 keg change.” 420 is a local beer brewed here in Atlanta. They call it an Extra Pale Ale. It’s worth a try if you are visiting the heart of Dixie.

The match has started and I want to enjoy this shit. I woke up at 10:49 am to drop a hat off to a former colleague after shutting the strip club down last night. I’m glad I didn’t give in to my lazy genes this morning because I am enjoy my seat and my view.

Until next time, as a Don Julio shot is placed in front of me. Long live Jesuchristo.

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