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Think and Grow Rich as a Rapper

Think and Grow Rich as a Rapper

1st Drink On Me TV, Omar Tha Bartender here. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel. I would like to thank you for taking your time out to watch this video.

If you’re a rapper who’s career is stagnant, an aspiring rapper that has yet to get your career off the ground, or you know a rapper that needs a little help, then this video is for you.

Why did I call this video Think and Grow Rich as a Rapper? And by the way, this is only part one of a series I will be putting out. Well, the reason I called this Think and Grow Rich as a Rapper is because one simple reason, in anything you endeavor to do in life, you have to think out as many details as possible before and during your journey. The more you think, the more your mind expands and the easier it is to accomplish your goals. The only type of thinking you don’t want to do, is to think you know, when you really don’t know.

Ok. the topic of discussion in Part 1 of Think And Grow Rich as a Rapper is to Have a Clear Vision. That’s #1. Before I go any further, do know that the transcript for this video is in the description, so feel free to copy and paste it, send it to yourself, print it out and use it as often as you like.

Getting back to the topic of this video. Have a Clear Vision. What does that mean exactly? Basically what that means is that you want to know as much information about your new journey as you possibly can before you even start. Its like your road map, personal GPS or business plan for your career.

In saying that, here are a few things you need to be very definitive about when Thinking and Growing Rich as a Rapper. The first thing you want to be clear upon, is Where Do You Want to Be? So ask yourself what the end game is. In doing that it’ll be much easier for you to achieve this goal.

For example, if you say, I want to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Ok, well start there and work your way Back to the Future. The first thing you should vividly describe is your outfit. What are you going to wear to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Who is going to be in attendance with you?

What will they be wearing? Who is going to induct you? Where are you going to celebrate after your induction? What do the people in the audience look like? You get the picture, right?

You know, one of my favorite lines in Hip Hop is by the Notorious B.I.G., on a song with Shaquille O’Neal called ‘Can’t Stop the Reign’, in that song in his second verse, Biggie said, ‘My dreams is vivid, work hard to live it.’ And although Biggie died untimely, you can see that in such a short period of time, the vividness of his dreams brought him much success.

So, getting back to your vivid dream of being in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, like I said write down everything to the detail what’s going to occur on your induction night. Now, go backwards to the present moment and write down, vividly, what’s going to get you there. I mean everything, the types of producers you’re going to work with, the types of studios you’re going to work in, what does the equipment in the studio look like. What type of videos are you going to make? What types of artists are you going to collaborate with? How many number one songs are you going to have? Everything you can think of down to the detail. Everything, leave nothing to chance. Like I said, all the way back to the present moment.

Once you grasp that concept and write out your career plan as vividly as humanly possible, then you need to know how much time you’ll need to accomplish this goal. So for everything you wrote out for the path your career will follow, give each event a due date or an expiration date.

Remember, your career is like having a baby. When an expectant mother goes to the doctor after she finds out she is pregnant, one of the first things her doctor does after running a battery of test to determine her well being and fitness for having a baby, is the doctor gives her a due date.

Let’s take a quick step backwards, real quickly. Running a mental test on yourself, is very important to determine how mentally fit you are for your journey. So, if you’re not mentally fit enough to go through what it takes to get into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, then scale your plan down and make it something more feasible that fits your mental aptitude, and you can still have a successful career as a rapper.

In the description I will include some practice aptitude tests. These tests will help you to understand the type of thinking needed to progress in

today’s world. However, only your desire and will can determine how far you go as a rapper. And only you know that.

Getting back to the due date and the time it will take to reach your goal. Break it down into three trimesters, just like the development of a newborn baby. Call the three trimesters whatever you like, but in this case we’ll call them the Ascension, the Peak and the Fruition. The Ascension is your come up, your grind. This is what 99% of the people who will come to know you will never truly see. Like Tupac told Biggie in the movie ‘Notorious’, enjoy this time because this time is the funnest. Although it might seem like the hardest time, it really isn’t, its the easiest. In this trimester, you’ll set out all necessary tools needed to make it through this phase and help ease the rigors that come when you reach your peak. So, just as an expecting mother gets prenatal vitamins or a meal plan or any medications she needs to have a healthy baby, you’ll set up everything you need to have healthy career as a rapper.

For example, Webpage, Blog, YouTube page, SoundCloud, TuneCore, Social Media pages, etc. You also have to carve out a small piece of land somewhere is your city or town, whether its your community, your grandmothers community, a relatives community, etc., to establish your initial fanbase.

Establish time parameters for everything in this first trimester. For example, how long should it take to achieve 1,000 Instagram followers. Or how long should it take to achieve 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube page.

Start with the most feasible time frames and knock them out in the time allotted or sooner so that you get used to meeting your goals either on time or before time. This will provide much needed confidence moving forward.

Repeat these same steps for your next two trimesters. As you are on your come up, you’ll start to see how the vivid details you wrote down in your road map begin to become a reality. This is only because you took the time to vividly write everything down and proceeded to take the necessary steps to make them a reality in a very specific timeframe.

Imagine if an expectant mother goes to the doctor and the doctor says you’re pregnant, but I don’t know how far along you are, nor do I know

when your due date is. Or if the doctor says, you can have this baby whenever you want, do whatever you want and eat or drink whatever you want while you’re pregnant. Just call me when you go into labor. You’d think that doctor was crazy wouldn’t you. Well, you’re the doctor on this journey. Your roadmap that you vividly wrote out is your education and your timeline is your practice.

Once you have a very vivid plan written out, and the time it will take to accomplish this plan figured out, now you have to be sure that you possess the proper tools and resources to carry out the mission.

Do you have a computer? Is it your computer that you have unlimited access to, or is it a shared computer. What type of data plan do you have on your cell phone? Do you already know at least three people that will support your career unconditionally? What type of internet service provider do you have? What type of plans do they offer? Do they offer wifi hotspots you can tap into when out and about?

Do you possess reliable transportation? Do you have a source of income to help support your career? If not, how much time will you have to allocate per day to earning an income? How much money do you need to support your career as a rapper? How soon can you start earning money to support your career as a rapper? How much are your monthly bills? Are there anythings you can cut back on to ensure you have more money to support your career as a rapper?

Do you have any studio equipment? Do you know anyone personally that has studio equipment? How much does studio time cost in your area? Do studios in your area just offer hourly sessions or do they offer discounted blocks of time?

These are all the questions you need to be asking yourself to determine are you resource poor or resource wealthy. If you are resource poor, don’t worry, revise your timeline slightly to include the time needed to increase your resources. One way to increase your resources in a short period of time is collaboration. Find like minded individuals to work with that will help take the burden off of you. If you are resource wealthy, then hit the ground running and accomplish your first goal you set on your timeline.

Remember, the next rappers success is not your success. Therefore, you can’t base your success or your story on how someone else got on. Every story is different and you have to craft your own vivid tale as to how you will make it as a rapper.

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of Think and Grow Rich as a Rapper. 1st Drink On Me TV Omar The Bartender. Like the video, subscribe to channel, hit the notification button so that you will be notified when other parts of this series are released. And if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section or just leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace

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