Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

The happy dance Sidecar recipe

Yesterday, which would be November 6, 2015, I had a group of three ladies that had been staying in the hotel for a conference all week wind down at the bar before leaving town. One of the manager’s on duty did the majority of the work for me because I believe he had an eye on one of the ladies, but that’s neither here nor there.

Their first round of drinks was one specialty cocktail off of our cocktail menu, a margarita and a double shot of Licor 43 neat. When my manager and I arrived at the table with the drinks, one of the ladies asked for a Sidecar also. I asked what type of Cognac did she prefer and she ended up selecting the Hennessy Privilege.

I start with the basic Sidecar recipe, Cognac (Brandy), Cointreau and fresh lemon juice. But what I do, especially when women order Sidecar’s, I sweeten it up just a notch by adding a splash of simple syrup and a splash of orange juice.

As I dropped the Sidecar off to the guest, I could see her face light up like she had been waiting for this drink all week. I walked away from the lounge table about four or five steps and turned around as she took her first sip and she began to do what I call the “happy dance.”

After a couple of minutes, I go back to check on the ladies and this particular guest informed me that she really liked the Sidecar I made her. My reply was, “I know, I saw you doing the happy dance.”

She replied, “Yes, I was and I am proud of it.” The other two ladies burst out laughing. I smiled and walked back to the bar. Another happy guest, that’s what I live for.

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