Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

The Cereal Bar

Every since I was younger, I have always thought about opening a special type of restaurant. This restaurant is so niche that it has the capability to become a top destination in little to no time.

I’m shocked that no one has developed the idea. Until now, this restaurant idea has been but a drunken thought to me; an idea that seems possible which I have yet to put into action.

Because I have not put the wheels of my drunken thought into action about this particular restaurant, I will share it with the universe. It is called The Cereal Bar.

The Cereal Bar would be a stand alone fast food restaurant that specializes in delivering the freshest and most popular cereal brands in one location. Imagine being able to choose your favorite cereal, in several different sizes, coupled with your choice of milk, without having to buy a whole box of each.

For example, today you want Frosted Flakes. Tomorrow its Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Next week its granola or muesli. You may be lactose intolerant, and need rice milk or almond milk. The Cereal Bar would give you those options.

Don’t think for a second that The Cereal Bar would just be a breakfast spot, confined to restricted hours. The Cereal Bar would be opened year round and have some pretty flexible hours. You could literally go get as much cereal as you want at any given time you want.

A good initial location to place a Cereal Bar would be in an area with a great walk score where millennials live. Somewhere like the ground floor of a newly built high rise condo or apartment development near a college campus. Offer free internet and add coffee to the menu and voila, a star is born.

If it turns out to be a hit, The Cereal Bar could garner huge interest from potential franchisees.


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