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Tha Likwit Crew, way back Wednesday

That Likwit Crew was one of the most popular rap crews back in the day. They consisted of King-T, Tha Alkoholiks and Xzibit. The main culprit behind Tha Likwit Crew was a legendary L.A. promoter by the name of Bigga B.

Bigga B, prior to gaining fame as the main A&R for Loud Records, had promoted Club Unity at El Cid in Los Angeles, CA. Bigga B was responsible for bringing acts like Wu Tang Clan and Mobb Deep to L.A. when there was a sketchy existence between the East and West Coasts.

King-T and Tha Alkoholiks were a household name in 1996, rapping mainly about drunken nights and women, when a New Mexico transplant named Xzibit dropped his first single, ‘Paparazzi.’ Xzibit received some flack from his single, especially from Outlaw rapper E.D.I Mean.

E.D.I questioned Xzibit’s motives for rapping, saying “If you ain’t in this rap  game for the motherfucking cash mane, then what is your motherfucking purpose?”

To my knowledge, Xzibit never replied to E.D.I on wax, but Xzibit’s moves from that point forward would show that his focus in the rap game was all about the Benjamins. His next album, 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz, powered by the single ‘What U See is What U Get’ propelled Xzibit into the mainstream of hip hip culture, garnering attention from industry veterans such as Dr. Dre.

Xzibit went on to star in MTV’s highly popular series ‘Pimp My Ride’, while other Likwit Crew members, notably J-Ro, King-T and Tash went on to release solo albums.

So, shout out and rest in peace to Bigga B for introducing the world to the Likwit Crew. Tha Liks contribution to hip hop is often understated. Below are a few videos that pay homage to the crew of 40 oz. guzzlers. Make room!

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