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Terrible play call denies repeat for Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks were one play away from repeating as NFL Super Bowl Champions. However, Pete Carroll’s offense elected to throw a pick pass play that was intercepted at the one yard line instead of running the football on 2nd and goal with premier running back Marshawn Lynch.

On 1st and goal, Lynch ran for four yards down to the one yard line with 26 seconds to go in the game. The Seahawks had three plays and one timeout left in the game to gain one yard. Logic would tell you, go back to Lynch, and if he doesn’t get into the end zone, call a timeout and let Russell Wilson’s arm decide the game at that point. However, the Seahawks threw a pass on the very next play that was intercepted by the New England Patriots putting an end to Seattle’s bid to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Lets be real, even if Seattle completes that pass, it is still a terrible call in our opinion. Seattle would have been much better off giving the ball to Lynch in that moment.

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