Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Take a flick I look like Meechie, look like Bleu Davinci

The past 72 hours have been a firestorm in the world of hip hop. Meek Mill supposedly exposed Drake for using ghostwriters and accusing the Toronto rapper of not writing his own raps.

Lets looks closely at these accusations. In one of his tweets, Meek insinuates that the industry been knew that Drake was using ghostwriters. OK, well if that’s the case, why even feature Drake on your new album. Supposedly, Rick Ross tweeted that Meek Mill was speaking facts.

Within 24 hours of Meek’s tweets, reference tracks of “10 Bands” began to hit the internet with a rapper named Quentin Miller providing the vocals. Now, let me say this, and this is no diss to Mr. Miller, his version of “10 Bands” was soft. Yes, most of the first verse was identical to Drake’s official release; however, after that, where’s the resemblance?

One line that particularly stood out, especially to the streets was “take a flick I look like Meechie, look like Bleu Davinci.” That was arguably the line that made the song. Did Quentin Miller write that? If he did, let me know and I will jump on the Drake don’t write his own rhymes bandwagon.

Its funny that niggas ain’t talking about the line that made the song, let alone the second verse, which is killer by the way. This nigga Drake said, “I get boxes of free Jordan like I play for North Carolina.” Is that Quentin Miller writing that?

Shouts out to Quentin Miller, he provided the idea and Drake took the idea to the next level. “Fuck it man, lets just not even discuss it man.”

Has it ever occurred to you niggas that this nigga Drake just too busy at times to come up with all the ideas for his album? Apple, Nike and all his other ventures might just keep him that involved that he needs help coming up with song ideas. That’s what CEO’s do, they hire other people to do their work. It’s called work allocation. Allocate work to others then make it better at the board meeting.

Its no secret Meek is affiliated with Roc Nation, and last I check, Jay-Z has not ended his beef with Drake. Another case of Jay sending his young bucks at an established rapper. So is Jay fake for sending Meek at Drake? No. Its simple, when Jay went at Drake, Jay received more recognition for his Five Percent affiliation than the lyrics he spit at Drake.

The funny shit is I’m not even a Drake fan, I’m just looking at this situation objectively. I respect Drake for his consistency and ability to make a hit. Drake been made hits before “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.” You can tell me he been using ghostwriters since his “Best I Ever Had” days and I still won’t give a fuck because he got on. In this day and age, getting on is all these young niggas care about.

Lastly, when is Meek gone respond to Daylyt? The L.A. battle rapper exposed Meek’s boss Ricky Rozay and we ain’t heard a response to that yet. Remember, Meek and Ross were allowed to film that “Tupac Back” video in Watts by Daylyt’s homies. Maybe they just don’t want those problems.


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