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Streaming music wars

Apple Music is not playing when it comes to their exclusive artist agreements. Last night, August 28, in New Orleans, Lil Wayne and Tidal presented the rapper’s first Lil WeezyAna Fest in his home state of Louisiana. Although the buzz of Wayne bringing out artists such as Juvenile, Turk, Mannie Fresh and Master P should have been enough, the controversy of the event is what has been garnering the most press.

During the event, which was being live streamed by streaming music service Tidal, Drake’s performance was cut from the online feed. The reason being, Drake is signed to an exclusive deal with Apple Music and they made a major power play to ensure one of their cash cow’s wasn’t being broadcast by the competition.

The rumor is that if Tidal would have streamed Drake’s performance at the festival, Apple would have sued Tidal for $20 million, a million more than the total worth of Drake’s reported deal with the company. During Drake’s performance, Tidal inserted the following message, going as far as calling Apple Big Brother.

Drake banned from Tidal

Apple threatens Tidal over Drake performance.

Business is business and all parties had to know where this was going to go when they signed the dotted line. Reportedly, Lil Wayne is a part owner of Tidal, along with Jay-Z. Some industry insiders are mad at Apple and accused them of deciding when and where artists can perform, but this is just business as usual.

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