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Song of the Day – Stay Loyal by Nipsey Hussle

Loyalty is everything. Sometimes it might appear as if the movement you are riding for is not panning out, but you have put so much work into it that you feel as if you need to remain loyal to that cause.

But what is true loyalty? If the cause you are riding for is not producing results, then either you need to step up and position yourself in more of a leadership role, or check out. That’s what true loyalty is, knowing when a situation is productive or not.

But, in this song, Nipsey Hussle talks about the word and how keeping the word is the basis of true loyalty. Therefore, if you keep the word, you get the blessings you deserve.

Also, he elaborates on how taking chances and investing in something will pay off. Whether it be giving advances for checks on the back end or investing in yourself to obtain ownership. So, first and foremost, stay loyal to yourself and your vision. Then, bring others up once what you want to do is proven to be successful.

Real shit!!!

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