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Shawn Porter unanimously defeats Adrien Broner ***Update*** Mayweather responds to Porter victory

Because I was working at the bar tonight, I couldn’t fully watch the non-title welterweight fight between “Showtime” Shawn Porter and Adrien “The Problem” Broner as part of the Al Haymon produced Premier Boxing Champions series. The final result, a unanimous decision victory by Porter.

From what I saw, Broner was doing lots of holding and fouling, making what could’ve been an exciting fight into a sloppy slugfest controlled mostly by Porter. I spoke on Broner’s lack of respect for Porter in the hours leading up to the fight, and as seen round after round, Porter took that personally.

Porter continuously walked Broner down, forcing AB to utilize dirty tactics that eventually cost him a point in the 11th round. Broner regained that point in the 12th round when desperate for a fight saving knockout caught Porter with a precision left hook that left Porter on the canvas.

Porter shook off the knockdown and finished the fight as the victor. With a victory over Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s ‘little brother’, my perspective is Porter gets the assignment for Floyd’s 49th fight in September. In essence, Broner is the new Andre Berto. Berto is an inside joke among hard core boxing fans as a gatekeeper for the Mayweather sweepstakes. However, Broner took over that position with his December 2013 loss to Marcos Maidana.

Porter will provide Floyd with a solid, world-class opponent in his expected farewell swansong. Porter is the perfect opponent for Floyd. He’s an aggressive fighter that Floyd can easily counter with straight rights, but has a resume that will not cause an uproar in the world of boxing. Several boxing insiders have already stated that Floyd deserves an easy fight on his way out because he has nothing to prove; however, Porter is anything but easy.

I definitely think Porter deserves a September showdown with Mayweather over Briton boxer Amir Khan, a name that has been thrown around loosely over the last two years. Whatever the case may be, Porter reestablished himself as a top welterweight contender tonight by defeating Broner decisively in an ugly, but productive bout.


Floyd Mayweather has responded to Shawn Porter’s victory over Adrien Broner by shutting down any rumors that Porter will be his next opponent in September. Mayweather insisted, in what many thought was a joke earlier in the week, that he will be fighting either Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield in his final fight. Neither Berto or Mayfield are considered to be elite level fighters.

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