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Russell Wilson versus Future

A hot topic of debate over the weekend at my bar has been, does Future, the “Tony Montana” rapper, have a right to be mad that his ex-fiance, Ciara, is parading his son, Little Future, around Seattle Seahawks training camp with her new boyfriend Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson appears to be an All-American family man on the surface. While Future openly portrays himself as the Freeband Bandit, in other words, a self made boss from the streets.

I am not a woman, so I cannot truly see it from a woman’s perspective. However, from Ciara’s prospective, it would seem after years of public relationships with rappers and athletes that didn’t have the best public images, a change was necessary. So what did she do, gravitate towards the best available option for the type of man she has seemed to always date in the public eye, athletes and rappers.

Russell Wilson is safe. Ciara and Future’s breakup was very public, and from recent interviews and Tweets, has become somewhat nasty. Therefore, when seen from Ciara’s lens, its safety first when you have children involved. Its not like she went from Future to Fetty Wap. She went to Russell Wilson, a relatively safe bet. Not to mention, Mr. Wilson did just get $60 million in guaranteed money as part of his new $87 million contract extension with the Seahawks.

From Future’s prospective, one that I could understand being a man and a father, he doesn’t want another man around his son that he doesn’t know or never met, especially one that is showing such public displays of affection for Little Future. I think that’s the part that really hurts Future is that there may be more pictures online of Russell Wilson with Future’s son than there are of him.

So far, Russell Wilson has shown himself to be a stand up guy in the public eye. He has stood for everything a superstar athlete of his caliber is expected to in the eyes of the media and league ownership (NFL). Other than being underpaid last season, this is his first controversy of note. Although Future has used several platforms to disrespect Ciara recently, which could be seen as potential bait to bring Wilson into the fray, the 2014 Super Bowl champion has been quiet, not as a sign of weakness, but to protect his image he has worked hard over the years to sculpt.

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