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Ronda Rousey still trolling Floyd Mayweather

Dana White and the UFC are milking every last opportunity presented to them to capitalize off of undisputed pound for pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather and his impending retirement. Instead of instructing his top star, Ronda Rousey, to keep her trolling comments to herself when asked about “Money” Mayweather, he allows her to say whatever it is she wants to say to a man that, ironically, helped Dana get his start.

On April 30 of this year, Yahoo Sports ran a story claiming Dana White’s Bullenbeiser Boxing Gear sponsored Mayweather in his first four fights. “Floyd wore my stuff for his first four fights,” White told Yahoo Sports. “I still have the stuff somewhere, though I don’t know where it is.”

In actuality, Floyd was sponsoring White. If you notice in the above quote, White never said he sponsored Mayweather, just “Floyd wore my stuff.” Furthermore, in the Kevin Iole penned article, there was never any proof provided that White’s company had given Mayweather any money to wear the Bullenbeiser gear.

Recently, Mayweather was asked would he fight Rousey by a member of the press, a question he immediately deflected and gave no attention to. Mayweather actually called the unnamed reporter a “comedian”. However, Mayweather did segue into his history with the current president of the UFC.

“Nobody would wear his his patch (Bullenbeiser). You know, I said, I’ll do it for free,” Mayweather told members of the press surrounding him. Mayweather continues, “Showed him love and I’m proud of him, and I’m proud of how far he has come.”

In the same interview, Mayweather alluded to the disparity in the salaries between himself and the top UFC Fighters by stating, “I’m in the $100 million business, not the $100,000 business.”

For all those that say boxing is dead, if one was to examine the salaries between the top UFC names and those of Al Haymon’s PBC series, there is no competition. The top Premier Boxing Champions’ fighters all make a minimum of $1 million per fight. And according to MMA Junkie, the highest paid MMA purse ever to be disclosed was $500,000 to Connor McGregor and Chad Mendes at UFC 189.

No wonder White and the UFC have been on a troll spree seemingly almost the entire calendar year of 2015. White, and a number of his fighters, including Rousey, have been very vocal that they will destroy Mayweather in a mixed martial arts or no rules fight. I’m not sure how true that is because if anyone watches Mayweather fight, especially recently, Mayweather does have some impressive grappling skills. Whenever in danger, Mayweather will tie up and use his strength and condition to wear his opponent down in order to allow his defensive brilliance to shine.

So to White, McGregor and most importantly, Rousey, don’t be so sure that you would destroy Mayweather in any type of fight, MMA or otherwise. Who knows, the UFC as we know it today probably would not be around if Mayweather didn’t give Dana White his start on a national level. Mayweather was a star before Dana White, and is an even bigger one today.



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