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Recipe of the day – Grenadine

This Grenadine recipe came from Mr. Boston, but there are various variations on how to make real Grenadine on the internet. Don’t get it twisted, Grenadine is not cherry flavored, its pomegranate.


2 parts Wonderful POM pomegranate juice
1 part sugar
orange flower water


Heat POM and sugar in a saucepan until boiling. Turn heat down and let mixture simmer gently for 5-15 minutes. Let mixture cool, pour into a sealed container. Add a drop or two (literally — the stuff is strong) of orange flower water and store in fridge. To preserve the grenadine for more than a week, add a little high-proof vodka. You can also freeze the grenadine.

Alternate recipe: Combine 2 parts POM and 1 part sugar in a sealed container and shake until sugar is dissolved. Store in fridge.

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