Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

On and off, consistency is what matters

Everybody’s a critic, everybody has an opinion. Nothing wrong with that. However, when an individual or an organization is inconsistent in their behavior or offerings, criticism will more than likely heighten. There’s one exception, if you are consistently subpar, then hey, you get what you deserve. Moving along, what happens when a standard is set, a high level standard, a certain level of quality is expected? Will you remain consistent to ensure that standard is met?

Mistakes happen. My favorite example of this is when criticism arises from an honest mistake, I always say, “Even Tom Brady throws interceptions.” I’ve been a huge fan of football my whole life and to be honest, I have never seen anything like Tom Brady. Sorry Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Phil Sims, John Elway, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers or any other of the more recent greats to ever play on the gridiron. But, Tom Brady is just superior because he is more consistent.

Everything for a reason. If Drew Bledsoe never goes down to injury early in the 2001 NFL season, would we even know who Tom Brady is? So when your opportunity comes, make sure you are ready and can deliver consistent results. Mistakes happen, but those mistakes must be overcome and made amends for. Sometimes you’ll be off, but you must be on most of the time.

Look at any of the all-time greats in any walk of life and you’ll see they were the most consistent. Not always the best, but always the most consistent. Sure, there will be times when an all-time great is upended by another, but that all-time great will always shine because of their consistency. That’s why when an all-time great makes a mistake it becomes fodder for the masses to revel in because it is inconsistent with their nature.

The moral of the story here, be consistent. Regardless of what the goal is, be consistent at achieving it. Do the necessary evils to ensure that it will come to fruition. And when it appears there is no end to the road, don’t change paths, buckle down and be more consistent. Eventually, you’ll see the results. Never give up, just remain consistent.

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