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Old Paschal’s, boutique hotel waiting to happen

In March of 1968, according to a 2011 article on the Washington Post website, Martin Luther King, Jr. was planning a Poor People’s Campaign. That campaign, due to begin with a May 1968 protest on the Mall in Washington, D.C., was planned at Paschal’s.

According to sources, Paschal’s Motor Hotel and Restaurant was the site of many important Civil Rights Movement meetings. It is even a major stop on a new Civil Rights Tour that is parading through Vine City in Atlanta, GA showing off dilapidated buildings such as “Old Paschal’s” or “The Paschal Center”, whatever you prefer to call it.

Once upon a time, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Atlanta was named West Hunter Street. West Hunter Street is where the original Paschal’s laid its foundation. Today, the very first location is now where a Wal-Mart sits, and the second location is well, an eye sore.

I get it, Clark Atlanta University, the owner of the Paschal Center, does not want to sell this historic building. Its the ultimate bargaining chip. It’s like they’re flipping the bird to the entire community saying, “we own an important part of the Civil Rights Movement and we’re not selling out.”

But what they are truly doing is waterboarding the people of the community by not being proactive.

If the last initiative on Dr. King’s agenda was to end poverty, and this agenda was planned at Paschal’s, why is Paschal’s on MLK a symbol of poverty itself.

Black People, and whatever clandestine business organization that runs Clark Atlanta University, really has shit fucked up if they think a historic landmark in the City of Atlanta should be left to rot.

The 120-room Paschal Center could be the next contemporary-upscale boutique hotel, similar to a W Hotel or Aloft. Aside from housing family and friends of Clark Atlanta University students that come to visit Atlanta, it can also serve as a hotel for people looking to catch a Falcons game, the SEC Football Championship or travelers looking for a convenient lodging option with easy access to downtown, Midtown and MARTA. Not to mention it’ll create more income distribution among the people.

You don’t have to sell it (The Paschal Center) CAU, just bring someone in to manage it. Someone that is willing to put up the capital needed to renovate and restore, and offer them a favorable agreement that allows them to make their money back.

The Paschal Center is a fucking gold mine. Why Clark Atlanta University is not prospecting is beyond me. I would be talking to every hotel management group in the world. Asking questions like, “what would it take for us to get the Paschal Center up and running.”

Dr. King always spoke to the future of the movement. Yes, he always saw what the current situation was, however, he also presented a solution. The solution to the dilemma of Paschal’s on MLK and Vine City is to put that work in. Let’s serve the poor people by saying we’re going to invest into your community. We are going to show that once rich histories are still rich. All it takes is a little innovation.


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