Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Old Fourth Ward, my new go to vodka

I was at a company party the other night and was introduced to a local Atlanta made vodka. It’s called Old Fourth Ward Vodka, made by the distillery of the same name. With its headquarters just east of downtown Atlanta, Old Fourth Ward is a winner.

A bartender friend of mine put the rocks glass to my mouth and said you have to try this. Before sipping I asked her what it was and she said, “you never heard of Old Fourth Ward Vodka?”

After taking one sip, I switched from Casamigos Tequila on the rocks to OFW Vodka on the rocks for the rest of the night. She told me it was made with sugarcane and you could tell by its slight sweetness. Almost tasted like rum, but not as sweet.

This is my new go to vodka. Will do some more research on it in the coming days so I can provide more information on pricing and where it can be found in and outside of Atlanta.

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