Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Negative energy behind the bar

I was speaking with another bartender today about bartenders bringing negative energy behind the bar. Now, this has nothing to do with interaction between bartenders and guests, but solely interaction between bartenders.

I was explaining to this bartender that I have worked with other bartenders who bring negative energy behind the bar and it has a tendency to fuck the money up. There have been countless occasions I can point to where I was working a shift with a bartender that brought some negative bullshit to the shift and on almost every occasion, the money was slow.

It could be anything that set them off; relationship issues, issues at their other job, everyday stress, etc. One of the most common issues I have seen that affects a bartender’s attitude is something as simple as a bottle being out of place or there wasn’t enough of a random garnish prepared. Seriously, trivial bullshit that could either be fixed or ignored. Lets get this money, I don’t have time for attitudes.

It should also come as no surprise that the bartenders who always seem to find something to set them off are the ones that claim they are making no money. I wonder why?

If a bartender has time to get pissed off over some random dumb shit, they are not thinking big enough. On the flip side, these are the same bartenders that have their own flaws that they never seem to recognize. You know, the ones that never leave you in a good spot during a shift change but expect everything to be on the up and up when they take over for you. Or the ones that get mad when you may be having an extended conversation with a guest but they do the same thing.

Anyway, getting back to the conversation I was having with a fellow bartender today. He was happy because he has been getting money on the shifts he’s been working, and I was sharing with him I have been doing the same. Nothing has changed since the last round of turnover among bartenders at the spot where I currently work except the attitudes of the bartenders.

The last round of bartenders we had sucked. Yes, they were good bartenders in their own right, but when it came to seeing the big picture, they were extremely shortsighted. They couldn’t see beyond the empty bar top and know that their shift wasn’t linear. They just assumed they were going to walk into a shift and everything was going to be handed to them on a silver platter. That’s not how this shit works.

Now that we have a good core group of bartenders with good attitudes towards one another, the money is flowing seamlessly. No coincidence that once the rotten apples were thrown from the barrel, everything is working out just fine.

Therefore, the next time you get behind the bar and want to bitch and complain about little shit and then wonder why you aren’t making any money, take a quick break and go to the bathroom, look yourself in the eyes and get your shit together.

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