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National Championship prediction

Last year after Ohio State’s shocking early season 14-point loss to Virginia Tech at home, few gave the Buckeye’s a chance to play in college football’s first playoff, let alone the National Championship Game, where they beat favorite Oregon decisively.

Who’s going to win it all this year? Of course there are your usual suspects; Alabama, Oregon, Auburn, Michigan State (which didn’t look too great in their season opener), USC (I’m an SC fan, fight on Trojans, but can’t pick you until you win it all), Georgia and Florida State all deserve consideration.

I’m not sold on either of the Big 12 schools, TCU or Baylor. They need a few more years in with the big boys before I’ll take them seriously. It’s kind of like Missouri over the last few years. Yeah they have made a good showing since moving to the SEC, but those gains only prove that the SEC is a very top heavy conference. You’re in with the big boys, but when the alpha big boys show up, you find out who you truly are.

According to my Uber driver the other day, a self proclaimed ‘Parlay King’, he swears that this is UGA’s year to win it all. I immediately shot that down. My reasoning, I just don’t think Mark Richt is tough enough to win the SEC, never mind a National Title.

If you ask all the Auburn fans that were at the bar yesterday, the Tigers are a lock to win it all. They do have the home field advantage in the Iron Bowl this year, so maybe they have a point. But, I just don’t see Auburn winning it either. Lets see how they do against Louisville today and we’ll reassess their chances.

Its hard to repeat in any sport, especially one such as college football. That’s why I’m not going with Ohio State.

As stated previously, I’m a USC fan and the Trojans have been known to disappoint in games they should win. Anyone remember Stanford in 2007? Or Oregon State in 2008? Enough said about my hometown Trojans, next.

Alabama, the good ole boys of the SEC. Too good for too long, I believe their run is coming to an abrupt end this year. Yeah, they will win games, but their losses this year, I feel will be big ones.

More power to TCU and Baylor, but the only reason you are being mentioned in this paragraph, is as a side note. Moving forward, to Florida State. They have a new life coach, former Ohio State great, Maurice Clarett. With all the controversy they generate down in Tallahassee, makes Clarett seem like an angel. Jimbo Fisher is one helluva coach, and I can see him navigating his way through the ACC undefeated this year, at least in conference play. Almost guaranteeing his team a spot in the College Football Playoff. Let me think about that, there is a reason they are ranked so low in the Top 10 in both major polls.

Fuck it, I’m going to go out on a limb and pick UCLA to win it all this year. This is a blind pick, I’ve done no major research to validate the Bruins to win it all, I’m just throwing it out there. Because that’s the beauty of college football, you never know who will win it all until the second week in January when the National Championship trophy is being raised. Plus, its time for Jim Mora to step up in the Pac-12 and establish the Bruins as a football power.

There you have it, my preseason college football National Championship prediction. However, I must make a serious note here, if I was a betting man, I’d definitely put my money on Auburn this year. As of this moment, their two toughest opponents, UGA and Bama, are at home. Their toughest road game of the year is LSU and that’s coming off a home game against a soft Jacksonville State team.

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