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My reply to Speech of Arrested Development

I just read an article on that featured an editorial by Speech of 90’s hip hop group Arrested Development. And before I give my rebuttal, I must first say that in the editorial, I didn’t see any links or information pointing to exactly what Speech is doing in the community today. Remember that as you read this reply.

Now, Speech’s editorial was a halfhearted, or less than, review of Straight Outta Compton, the biopic of the pioneering rap group from California. In his editorial, Speech tried to diminish the credibility of N.W.A., most notably Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, who also happen to be the group’s two richest surviving members.

In his piece, Speech claimed that N.W.A. is not the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Group’, and arguably so recommended that Public Enemy be given that title. He also included some rhetoric that N.W.A. doesn’t hold a match to the Black Panther Party and their accomplishments in the black struggle. Last, but definitely not least, Speech basically said that N.W.A. was perpetuating white supremacy.

Ok, lets give Speech those points. Lets say for a moment that he is right and exact in his thinking and logic. Public Enemy is the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Group’, N.W.A. is not the Black Panther Party, and N.W.A. did the dirty work of the slave masters when they released Straight Outta Compton by perpetuating black stereotypes.

It’s time to get deep because the editorial Speech released was initially published on a website called Speaking of bean soup, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that black people must do for self. And one who knows anything about the movement would assume that if Bean Soup Times is publishing an editorial, they would at least require the writer of that editorial to mention what he or she is doing for self so that the people who are reading the said editorial could support their movement if it is indeed noble.

However, no information was given. I hope Speech has a website or a foundation that is geared towards helping the people that he claims N.W.A. has affected. If not, then we must call Speech a hypocrite. What exactly is Speech doing for the community on a massive scale that is helping brothers and sisters get jobs and feed their families?

I really want to know Speech, since you are going so hard at N.W.A.. How could you go so hard at these brothers, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, who are ‘selling headphones and making good movies’ as you put it when I do a search for anything charitable you have done and the return is almost no results. Put your goodwill on blast instead of tearing down what these brothers you are attacking have done.

Do for self brother. You editorial was published on Bean Soup Times. If we are talking about bean soup, then we must be dealing with the science of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, right? When Elijah Muhammad was going at his enemies in his heyday, he wasn’t just spewing venom at the ones whom he felt were destroying the culture, he was actually implementing a program that would elevate his people, instilling self-esteem to those that had none.

All you are doing Mr. Speech is spewing venom, and as far as I can see, based off the words in your editorial, is placing the blame with no plan of action to correct the wrongs that have been done. That’s why I must say Fuck You! If you are not presenting a solution to the problem you are exposing, you get rode on. Present something tangible for the people to gravitate towards like the Messenger did or shut the fuck up. You have a voice that is being published on multiple websites and you are not utilizing that voice correctly.

What you are talking about is bigger than N.W.A. and you know it. Not sure what personal beef you have with those brothers, but if you want to air them out, find a way to contact them personally, not in the public eye.

Like I said in the beginning of this article, my reply would be a lot different if there was some information directed towards Speech’s movement to uplift the people, but there was none given. Just an editorial that attempted to blame N.W.A. for continuing the cycle of white supremacy.

Let me tell you Mr. Speech and any other individual that praised his editorial, unless you are doing something to change the condition on the level on which you spewed your venom, don’t say shit at all. Whether its All Hip Hop, Bean Soup Times, or any other publication, if you are going to put yourself out there with this type of ideology, you better be doing something on a daily basis that is helping your people succeed, much like The Messenger did.

Otherwise, sit your bitch ass down and wait for the return of the real! This is not the time to be disrespecting your brothers in the media or anywhere else. This is the time to call for action and unity. But, these so called conscious people are really out here for the fame and recognition just like they are saying N.W.A. was.

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