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My favorite Biggie song, ‘My Downfall’

“You soft Duke, you soft.” That’s part of the into to the Notorious B.I.G.’s “My Downfall“. In my opinion the illest B.I.G. song in his short career.

One of the reasons I feel this is the best Biggie song ever is because it is so prophetic. When you are on top, people really want to see you fall. They don’t want to see you make it. They are waiting on the moment they can discredit you.

And as Puffy says on the outro, “see, y’all motherfuckers live off negativity.” This is true in its most fundamental sense. There are so many leeches, snakes and parasites in the world, that they overshadow the truly genuine people.

What, I believe, Biggie was trying to do in this song, is to shed light on how to evade these type of people. It’s funny that he subliminally echoed Tupac’s sentiment of “keep your enemies close” mantra in the intro. When he first received the prank phone call, he immediately thought it was his estranged wife Faith Evans.

Whatever happened between Tupac and Faith is their business, however, obviously Biggie took it as a sign of disloyalty because this is at least the third time he has dissed his own wife on wax, as far as I can tell. The first time was on Junior M.A.F.I.A’s “Get Money”, which by the way was before the alleged Tupac and Faith hookup. Therefore, Faith had been disloyal to B.I.G. before the Tupac incident. The second time was on Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest.” And the third time was on “My Downfall”.

So, do you blame Biggie for throwing a subtle jab, at what I think is directed at Pac, when he says, “army fatigue bring fatigue to enemies.” Remember, when the Quad Studio shooting happened, Tupac makes it clear that the soldiers sent to discipline him were clad in army fatigues.

“In this world I’m dead off.” What world was Biggie speaking of? A world where the fake and ingenuine are prevalent. If you are genuine, then the people who portray a fake lifestyle based upon lies and deceit are the rulers. Which means you are dead off if you are genuine.

This is the world we are living in now. People who wish for your downfall are the majority. “Killing you gently.” Do not let others pray for your downfall without putting up a fight. Go hard and realize what it is that makes you who you are. Be on that higher level and keep doing your thing, fuck the haters.

“Can you just visualize it”? Don’t let others pray for your downfall. Rise above the bullshit, then you can hold the gold and the diamonds, B.I.G. style.




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