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Losses are opportunities

Everybody in life take losses. I don’t care who you are or how successful you are, you have taken an L. Losses come in many shapes, forms and fashions.

The key to dealing with losses is how you deal with them. If you take a loss, will it hurt you so badly that your whole world stops? Or, if you take a loss, will you see it as an opportunity. Life ain’t easy and neither is dealing with losses.

When everything is going right in your life there are no questions. You just accept it as the norm. This is what is supposed to be happening, I am blessed, I am lucky or I am fortunate.

It should be the same way when you take losses. Fuck it, if you were blessed, fortunate and lucky when there were no losses, the same applies when you actually take a loss. Not meaning to sound like some prosperity preacher, I just want people to know that the only loss there is no coming back from is death.

Therefore, as long as you are living, breathing, thinking, etc., turn your losses into opportunities. Picture every loss you take as its own mini recession. It is during recessions when truly successful people thrive. They see the opportunity in a setback. And its not just words, its words put into action. For all the religious people reading this, ‘faith without works is dead.’ The same applies to atheists and agnostics.

Like hip hop legend Nas said, “Why shoot the breeze about it, when you can be about it.”

Whatever it is that you talk about, think about or dream about, be about that shit. The best time to be about it is when things aren’t perfect. You have to create your own luck, your own good fortune.

Not taking advantage of your opportunities is a slippery slope. You let one go by, you’ll let another go by; and so on and so forth. But the minute you stop to think and take advantage of that which is presented to you, you will build upon it and gain momentum.

NOW is an acronym for No Opportunities Wasted. Wins, losses and draws are all opportunities. However, when you win, you don’t really see that as an opportunity to improve because you feel as if you have won something. Losses tend to make most people feel as if they are losers and causes them to regress depending on their mental state. Draws mean there is no motion in either direction and could lead to most people becoming stagnant. Yet, when the mind is totally focused on moving forward in any given situation, there are no wins, losses and draws, just opportunity.

Take your losses like a man or woman and see the process through. Don’t stop, don’t give up and don’t settle. Just see the opportunity in all things in order to get better!


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