Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Legendary bartender Dale DeGroff gives perspective on free pour vs. jigger

Most of my bartending life I have free poured. Free pouring just feels natural to me. I don’t like using jiggers because to me, it just feels amateurish. I know that drink consistency is most important when working at any bar, but their are times when you are getting your ass kicked on the bar top or in the service well and jiggers could potentially slow you down.

That’s why I just choose to free pour all the time. I’m not saying one must freestyle when free pouring, its an art, so you must practice. And you must have that eye for where your liquids are supposed to be in the glass when free pouring or else you can alter a drink to the point that you risk it getting sent back.

After watching the attached video, it definitely gave me some perspective on free pouring because I always put ice in the glass first. After watching Dale DeGroff, I think I might change my free pour technique. Not saying I don’t trust myself when I am pouring, just saying what he is saying makes sense.

Anyway, watch Degroff’s video and decide which do you prefer, free pouring or jiggers.

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