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Lakers failing in 2015 free agency

The crack that the Los Angeles Lakers are smoking must be good. Did they not learn anything from their failed public relations pitch to Dwight Howard in 2013?

The Lakers were asked to delete the hashtag #LAtoLA after other teams in the NBA complained, although the Lakers received approval for the hashtag from the NBA’s legal team.

With Kevin Love already committed to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and LaMarcus Aldridge feeling less than inspired to go to Los Angeles, the Lakers lone hope to land an all-star caliber free agent in 2015 is DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers.

Are you telling me that with over $23 million in cap space this year, the Lakers couldn’t land anyone of significance. The rumored reason for the Lakers turning off Aldridge was that they were too focused on selling L.A. rather than selling winning. I can believe that given the whole #LAtoLA hashtag.

Granted, the NBA free agency pool wasn’t that deep this year; however, the Lakers have had two years to think this through. They knew the possibilities coming and what was available.

Mitch Kupchack, Lakers General Manager, has been quoted in the past as saying the Lakers wouldn’t spend their salary cap money in haste.

Spending to get Aldridge in a Lakers uniform wouldn’t have been a hasty move at all, by anyone’s account. Therefore, the planning involved to pitch Aldridge could’ve been more thought out. If, indeed, the main pitch line to Aldridge was the L.A. life, and how it could benefit him, the Lakers should have started with talks about Championship Parades, not endorsements or other entertainment value. And definitely not some bullshit #LAtoLA hashtag.

If a hashtag was the answer, let that shit come to life organically. Don’t let it be something the team orchestrated. You would think the Lakers learned from the Dwight Howard billboards.

LaMarcus Aldridge is definitely a player I would push hard to get. The Lakers should have had the whole city show up to the pitch toting #17 posters and wearing #17 jerseys. No, #17 is not Aldridge’s number, &17 is the number that should matter most to the Lakers, the 17th championship in their great history. If they were more focused on that, maybe the Lakers wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the NBA.



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