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Jose Santa Cruz, definition of real

I’ve watched hundreds, if not thousands, of fights in my lifetime and I have never seen a trainer like Jose Santa Cruz, father and trainer of featherweight boxing champion Leo Santa Cruz. The elder Santa Cruz keeps it way too real, probably without even thinking about it.

As I was watching the ‘instant classic’ as dubbed by ESPN, the featherweight bout between Mexican Americans Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz, I could not help but notice Jose’s attire. It was a cowboy hat, a vest, a white dress shirt and slacks. Not the typical clothing for your lead cornerman.

Other than Naazim Richardson, legendary trainer to the likes of Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley, you could not argue that any other trainer in boxing stays true to form than Jose Santa Cruz. The reason Naazim is in that category, is because of his religion, sporting the trademark kufi every time he walks a fighter to the ring.

In Santa Cruz’s case, he’s just being who he is, not portraying any religious affiliation. Gotta love it. Old school Mexican to the fullest. Anyway, Santa Cruz and Mares put on one helluva performance this past Saturday night, August 29 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I just hope Jose Santa Cruz keeps being himself, while his son keeps on racking up victories.

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