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Jerry West at it again as rumors of Klay Thompson heading to Lakers gain momentum

The Logo is at it again. After two years of shear mediocrity, somehow, someway, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to get back into playoff contention with a Jerry West assisted trade.

According to the L.A. Times, the Lakers have entered themselves into the Kevin Love trade deal that could send the former Bruin to the Golden State Warriors. The deal, if it goes through, will send one of the NBA’s most talented shooters and defenders to one of, if not the most popular franchises in the league.

Two and a half years after the failed trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, which was eventually vetoed by then commissioner David Stern, the Lakers seek to add Klay Thompson to their roster. Thompson, son of former Laker Mychal Thompson, is a great perimeter shooter and defender that could be one of the pieces to the foundation the Lakers need in their future as perennial All-Star, and five time NBA champion, Kobe Bryant is expected to retire in the coming two years or so.

What makes the trade rumors all the more interesting is that West, who was GM of the Lakers during the elder Thompson’s stint with the team, is now a special consultant for the Golden State Warriors, Klay’s current team. Irregardless of what anyone says or thinks, West is a Laker through and through. He may have knocked the Memphis Grizzlies trade of Pau Gasol to the Lakers in 2008, but many people still believe that as the former Grizzlies GM at the time of the trade, he somehow had something to do with the resurgence of the purple and gold at a time when they couldn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs, let alone win an NBA title. Well, the Lakers went on to the NBA Finals that year, eventually losing to the Boston Celtics in six games before winning the next two NBA titles.

According to several sources, it was West that balked at the notion that Golden State part ways with Thompson in the Love deal. Coincidence, not so fast my friend (Lee Corso voice). All of a sudden, the Lakers are the third team in the deal that could send the son of their radio broadcast analyst to play for one of the most storied franchises in the history of the NBA.

No one, except the San Francisco Bay Area, expects the Golden Warriors to win championships, but millions of fans expect the Lakers to do so. Leave it up to the Logo to make that happen.



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