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Is Kevin Hogan on the take?

Just finished watching the Stanford-Oregon game, and after trailing by 12 points in the fourth quarter, I’m convinced Kevin Hogan, Stanford’s quarterback was on the take. Not one, but two quarterback-center exchange fumbles cost Stanford a shot at making the College Football Playoff.

The most basic play in all of football and Hogan could not convert it twice in the final quarter against an Oregon team that has underachieved all season. For a Pac-12 and Rose Bowl champion quarterback, Hogan is better than this and it seems to me that these two costly mistakes may or may not have been on purpose. That’s just my opinion.

On both drives where Hogan mishandled the snap that Oregon subsequently recovered, Stanford was driving and looking good doing so. And even with all the shenanigans, Stanford still had a chance to tie the game and take Oregon into overtime. However, that wasn’t the case as Hogan was rushed into passing to his tight end early on a two point conversion play. Final score, Oregon 38-Stanford 36.

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