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Healthy backyard grilling

I have, as I am sure many of you have, been to several BBQ’s. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July or just any random day weather permits is a good excuse to heat up the grill and cook outdoors.

The only setback to some of these BBQ’s I attend, other than those I host myself, is there are rarely any healthy choices available. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking what others eat on a consistent basis, however, when it comes to grilling or BBQing, I want healthy alternatives.

Does it always have to be hamburgers, hot dogs, pork ribs, sausages and burnt meats all the time? I want foods that do not have to be covered in BBQ sauce to enjoy.

The first time I ever saw someone grill vegetables was a Mexican family that lived next door to my maternal grandmother. They grilled corn, mushrooms, potatoes, squash and other vegetables along with their flank steak, whole chicken and seafood.

This was unheard of at any family function I had ever attended. The only thing that ever went on the grill was meat, and when I say meat, I’m not talking about turkey burgers. I remember the first time I brought some turkey burgers to a family BBQ, I was told I had to cook them last. Same went for the turkey sausages I brought along with the burgers.

As time went on, people became more open to the idea of healthier eating on the grill. At an annual block party at my paternal grandmother’s house, I was the first to introduce shrimp kabobs. You should have heard the hatred spewing from people’s mouths. I dare this guy break the monotony and introduce grilled shrimp to our block party.

Before the fireworks show began, and while others were begging attendees to take to-go plates homes, all my shrimp kabobs were gone. Once word got out how good they were, I had only eaten two; the funny part, I wasn’t mad that I barely got to taste my own creation.

In the proceeding years, I received donations from people ensuring the grilled shrimp would indeed return. Surely they could have just bought their own shrimp and grilled them at their homes. However, they wanted the shrimp they had last year at my grandmother’s house.

Below are just a few images of some healthy backyard grilling that took place recently.

Healthy BBQ

Healthy grilling









Healthy grilling, asparagus

Grilled asparagus

Chicken wings and breasts

Slow cooking wings and chicken breasts

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