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HBO has superior original content

HBO has once again proved that they are the kings of original content. With 126 Emmy nominations ahead of the 67th annual awards ceremony, HBO is leaving their rivals in the dust, namely Netflix and Amazon.

HBO’s current flagship show “Game of Thrones” has garnered 24 nominations alone. With content providers recognizing that licensing partners are at a disadvantage, outlets such as Netflix and Amazon are attempting to make a stand against content providers such as HBO with their own original content.

However, HBO struck back this past April by launching HBO NOW, a streaming content service aimed at penetrating the market shares of the likes of Netflix and Amazon. HBO, is an operating subsidiary of Time Warner, Inc., the parent company to Warner Bros. Pictures.

Unless Netflix and Amazon can open their own major movie production studios soon, both companies will have to concede to HBO in the streaming content marketplace. The reason being is that HBO has, by far, the vastest original content library of three. With the backing of Warner Bros., HBO has several different divisions of original content that they can pit against their main two rivals.

Netflix and Amazon don’t have boxing. They don’t have award winning original documentaries. And most of all, they don’t have the number of Emmy nominated series that HBO has. And now with HBO NOW, Netflix and Amazon will effectively be cut out of a large sector or original programming that HBO offers.

HBO is already the number one cable television and satellite television subscription programmer. So, if you are Netflix or Amazon, how do you compete, especially with all the other content HBO has to offer. The next year should give an in-depth view as to how their competitors bounce back.

Because until Netflix and Amazon require HBO to license content from them, then with HBO NOW, there is truly no competition. HBO will just continue to get bigger while the competition has to figure out a way to play catch up.


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