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Five ways to further your rap career in Las Vegas

I am predicting that Las Vegas will be the new hub of hip hop in the next 5-6 years. With its proximity to Los Angeles and a relatively low cost of living, Vegas is prime for future rap stars to plant their roots.

Below, I have compiled a list of five ways to improve your chances of becoming a rap star in Sin City

1) Join a boxing club in Las Vegas – Las Vegas is widely considered the current Mecca of boxing. Vegas is home to such boxing names as pound for pound king Floyd “Money” Mayweather, “Iron” Mike Tyson, “Showtime” Shawn Porter, Zab “Super” Judah and now Roy Jones, Jr. There is one thing all the fighters mentioned above have in common, they all embrace hip hop culture. The connection between hip hop and boxing goes back decades. And its not long before the organic connection between hip hop and boxing begin to produce more rappers from Las Vegas as more and more boxers from around the world begin to migrate there. Not only is joining a boxing gym in Vegas a great way to introduce yourself to new fans, you get to stay in shape and learn how to defend yourself.

2) Be creative when promoting on the strip – Whenever in Vegas, I always see rappers promoting their music on the strip. Not a bad idea. However, what I am seeing far too often from rappers promoting on the strip is they are utilizing old techniques, CD’s and flyers. Give that shit up. Be creative. Get out there with something of relevance that people parading up and down Las Vegas Boulevard could relate to. For example,

  • Poker Chips – Order some custom poker chips with your face or logo on one side and a QR code with the direct link to your best song on the other. Instant connection with new fans as you are presenting them with something unique that can also double as a souvenir. You get the idea, be creative when promoting on the strip.

3) Make your presence felt at UNLV – The University of Nevada Las Vegas is the only major university in the Las Vegas area. Therefore, hit it hard and often. There are so many different groups of people to interact with on campus; fraternities, sororities, athletes, law students, campus radio, campus newspaper, student unions, club promoters, etc. Have several connections in the university community so that you know all the events that are happening on campus. While you are at it, enroll in a few classes. If you do not choose to enroll full-time, they have a good continuing education program too.

4) Expand your territory to Barstow, CA – The rap scene in L.A. is too large for some people that do not have the patience needed to build a real buzz there. Never fear. Barstow, which is almost exactly half-way between L.A. and Vegas, can serve as a fertile breeding ground for any rapper, especially a rapper with skills. And Barstow is a major transportation hub for the Inland Empire. Get a strong buzz in Barstow and I guarantee you, people all over Southern California and Southern Nevada will know who you are. Barstow City Council also has a dedicated film office, as many films are shot in the area. You can get a film credit every now and then as an extra, plus while on set, make new fans.

5) There is power in numbers, build a team – Besides Dizzy Wright, as of this moment, there are not many rappers coming out of Vegas that are making noise on the national or international level. That means that rappers in Vegas need to bond together and pool their resources to get the name out there. I know there are some egos that have to checked and pride that has to be put aside, however, the benefit of rap-pooling for the greater good of Vegas is something that needs to be seriously considered. I’ve been involved in the Vegas hip hop scene and there are lots of people making a little noise versus lots of people making a lot of noise. You need to look no further than Atlanta to see the fact in this point.

In closing, I feel that Vegas is the next Mecca of rap music and hip hop culture. I see this happening in seven years or less. That is why I made this list of five ways to help advance your rap career in the City of Sin. Hopefully you get it early before Vegas gets too saturated.

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