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Expect the Colts to lose after news of McNary’s rape allegation

An old bookie friend of 1st Drink On Me always said follow the headlines leading up to a big sporting event. He said, “the team with the most negative headlines prior to a big sporting event is almost always the loser.”

Once again, he proved us right this past Monday in the inaugural CFP National Championship Game as Ohio State defeated Oregon soundly. If you track the headlines leading up to the National Championship Game, you will see Oregon had several negative headlines while Ohio State had zero, even though Oregon was favored to win.

Now, four days before the AFC Championship Game, a devastating headline, Colts linebacker Josh McNary has been charged with rape, is being released for an incident that was reported in December and just now being revealed to the masses. Although the New England Patriots are the clear favorite to win the upcoming contest, this new news all but confirms that the Patriots will be heading to Glendale, AZ to participate in Super Bowl XLIX.

If you are betting on the game, expect New England to cover the spread. Sorry Colts fans, this is not Andrew Luck’s year.


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