Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Drinking a fifth of Hennessy in less than 24 hours

Is a person an alcoholic by default just because they drink a fifth of Hennessy in less than 24 hours? Depends, I guess, on what the occasion is.

This occasion, in particular, was the birth of a new era. A Fresh new era. I capitalized Fresh for a reason, that being Fresh or King Fresh, precisely, is a person and he is ushering in a new era of hip hop.

It’s not that he is saying anything that hasn’t been said before. For example, from his song ‘Money’, he states in the opening line, “Grew up in the trap.” The very next line he states, “busting down the packs.” Ok, 0 for 2 in the originality department. You see where I’m going here. This is the same narrative that has dominated hip hop for the last 10+ years; trap music.

Somewhere in Atlanta or some exotic location upon God’s green earth, TI is smiling, knowing that he is almost single-handedly responsible for the popularization of this sub genre. The reason being, as there was trap music before ‘Rubber Band Man’, TIP was a lyrical trapper, thus setting himself apart from his competition. Not to mention, at the time of the release of ‘Trap Muzik’, TI was the most confident rapper south of the Mason-Dixon Line the culture had probably seen up to that point, maybe with the exception of Pimp C (May his soul rest in peace).

If my memory serves me correct, Lil Wayne did not start calling himself the Greatest Rapper Alive until after TI had already proclaimed himself ‘The King of the South’.

I’m sorry Gillie, as in Gillie The Kid, we all know you assisted in Lil Wayne’s career in some way; however, I find it more believable that Wayne’s switch to lyricism in the early to mid 2000’s had more to do with him trying to keep up with TI than any influence you may have had on him. Meaning, he accepted your doctrine of lyricism as a means to supplant TI as the best lyrical trapper in the Universe.

Enter King Fresh, a kid with that same bravado TI exuded when he first gained worldwide name recognition. The delivery and cadence speak volumes to this kid’s confidence behind the mic.

I was just in a studio session with the kid and he knows what he wants to hear. Pays close attention to detail. But the thing that surprised me the most, was that he is willing to listen and receive feedback. Ahh, a student. Someone willing to learn in an era void of true artist development, every rapper is a know it all.

Back to the fifth of Hennessy, the reason why we are here in the first place. The more I listened to ‘Money’, the more I sipped. Mind you, when I asked King Fresh about other songs he recorded, his response was, “there are none.” That really made me drink even more.

Here is a kid that has never recorded a song in his life, yet in a couple of hours, took a beat he had never heard before and turned it into a very respectable song. Drink up people. I may just be a drunk for drinking a fifth of Hennessy in less than 24 hours; however, I know this, keep King Fresh on your radar. As long as he stays focused, he’ll be a name to be reckoned with in the world of Hip Hop.



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