Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Do not assume what the price is

When you go to a bar, do not assume that the bar you are at has the same price points of the last bar you were last at. Too many times, I get guests at the bar who think that all bars are the same. They assume that just because bar A sells a shot of Patron for $7, that bar B does the same.

When they find out there is more of a price variance than they initially thought, they assume the bartender is attempting to get over on them.

Bartenders do not set the price for drinks, ownership does. Please do not take it out on the bartender just because you are paying more for your favorite drink than you are used to.

Recently, a guest ordered a shot of Crown Royal, and instinctively pulled out a $10 bill anticipating that his shot would be south of a Hamilton. When I quoted the price, he immediately looked at me as if I was cheating him out of his own money.

He proceeded to pull out exact change and leave no tip. As he was walking away, I asked him to wait for his receipt so that he could see I quoted him an accurate price. He still didn’t leave a tip and other guests at the bar laughed at him in all his cheapness. I swear, I can’t make this shit up.

Bottom line, consider where you are and understand the bartender didn’t set the price you are paying. If you can’t do that, fuck you and buy a bottle and stay at home.

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