Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Checks and balances

As people, when does it become acceptable to allow the ones we care about to settle for less? When you turn on the television or log onto your favorite blog, you seem to always hold your favorite celebrity to a certain standard of character, as if they are supposed to be role models.

Most of the celebrities the general public seem to hold in high esteem are nothing but teenagers or individuals in their 20’s. Ironically, there is not enough wisdom present within them to be rightfully deemed as role models. However, their lives become fodder for us to debate and discuss.

If we held our own peers to the same standards as we hold our so-called celebrities, maybe the world would be a better place. Imagine if your best friend was held to the same scrutiny as your favorite celebrity. I’m sure, their life, and consequently, the lives of those in your immediate circle would be that much better.

Imagine all the times you have heard a friend or family member state a goal. Did you check them when that goal did not come to fruition when they said it would? Probably not.

More than likely, you allowed your friend or family member to skate free without being held accountable for their words or actions. Why is that?

Is it because you didn’t care, didn’t want to be called a hater or just forgot yourself about the words they put into the universe? Either way, there were no checks and balances.

Therefore, I challenge you to hold those you love the most accountable for what they say and do. Do not go behind their back and tell so and so what did or did not happen. Approach that person respectfully and let them know you expect more from them next time.

Just like the media or any of the many special interest groups go after your favorite celebrity when they commit an impropriety, go after your loved ones with the same ferocity you see played out in the news cycle.

Check those you love and balance out the cycle of life you find yourself entrenched in the most. Let those people know, there are people listening and watching their words and actions, thus, they must be aware of what they say and do.

Not only will people begin to live more fulfilling lives, the system of checks and balances will perhaps decrease the rumor mill and gossip cycle because the pressure of keeping ones word will be felt when a loved one approaches them in sincerity about living the image they project.


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