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C-Bo Bodies Mozzy on Body 4 Body 🔥🔥🔥

C-Bo finally drops his official high definition Mozzy diss and video, Body 4 Body. I’m not gone lie, its flame. However, on Instagram, C-Bo promised a picnic in the hood with all the homies for the video. So, even though the video is of high quality, it’s like C-Bo is on a set, like a production set, or on location at a funeral home. Would’ve like to see C-Bo out in them Sacramento streets filming. You can tell C-Bo tried to utilize some covert strategy and wait until after Mozzy’s album dropped, but really, the sales week isn’t over yet, so Mozzy can still catch flame off of that. I think Mozzy was waiting on this and probably has another flamer ready to go, lets see how long before he puts it out.

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