Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Attract what you want

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret today. The best way to get what you want in life is not to chase it, but to attract it. And I’m not talking about no weak signal attraction, I’m talking a fully charged up signal attraction.

To get fully charged up, you need to put the work in. What’s the work? The work is whatever you truly want to be doing in your life. Even if you have a 9 to 5 job that you absolutely hate, or you are working multiple jobs just to maintain your quality of living, if you are not putting some time in on the activity you love most, then you are going to lose your charge.

I like writing. Doesn’t matter what it is, writing raps, screenplays, poems, articles or business plans, writing gets me charged up. So, when I am writing, I may not get paid up front every time I write, however, I get my residuals. For example, one Friday night someone pissed me off and even though I had to be at the bar at 10 am the next morning, I stayed up most of the night writing.

When I got to the bar, before I could fully finish setting everything up, some asshole approached my bar and attempted to fuck my day up. All because I wanted to be nice. Another bartender told me never serve a guest before your bar is completely set up.

Anyway, after that incident, my bar was empty for the majority of my shift. I didn’t worry though, somehow I was calm and serene. Remember, I had stayed up all night writing, my escape. Then an hour before my shift was supposed to end, I got hit and hit hard.  Within one hour, I made $246. Not bad, $35.14/hour on a slow day.

Is everyday like this, no. You know why, because some days I am lazy and refuse to write. What I do notice is that on days I do write before a shift, I get money no matter what the hotel capacity is that day. Some people call me lucky or fortunate, I just call myself a writer. That’s what I like to do, write. So when I write I’m in my zone, I’m charged up. And when I’m charged up, I attract whatever I want into my life.

Do what it is you truly like to do in your life and see what the results are. Get charged up!


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