Inside the Mind of Your Favorite Bartender

Ask for some Penicillin the next time you are at W Atlanta Downtown

I didn’t take a picture because it just wasn’t a very good looking drink. It was very basic in structure and presentation; however, the Penicillin cocktail at Living Room in the W Atlanta Downtown is an amazing drink.

Its not even on their cocktail menu anymore so you have to ask for it specifically. Trust me, you’ll gain some points with the bartender when you do.

I’m not a recipe-jacker so I don’t know the exact ingredients. What I can tell you, I tasted Scotch, honey and citrus. No, its not pink. So don’t expect your drink to actually look like Penicillin. Just expect this drink to provide the type of punch Penicillin packs when its fighting bacterial infections.

If you live in Atlanta or traveling to Atlanta and are in the downtown area, stop by the Living Room in the W Atlanta Downtown and ask for Penicillin.

Bet sure to tip your bartenders correctly!

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