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Adrien Broner, selling the fight or being disrespectful

When it comes to skills and talent, there is no hardcore boxing fan or analyst that will sell Adrien “The Problem” Broner short. However, it is Broner’s out of the ring antics that cause people to question his character

After courageously holding on to go the distance with former welterweight champion Marcos Maidana, a fight that could have easily ended in a knockout or stoppage, Broner walked out of the ring in tears after taking his first loss. Many thought the loss to Maidana would humble Broner and force him to focus on boxing more than rapping, clubbing or reality television.

Although Broner has been less visible in the media these days, there have been some questionable moves on his behalf since December 2013, most notably an arrest for being impaired while driving earlier this year. Two months after this arrest, Broner dominated fringe contender John Molina in the very first installment of adviser Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions series.

Later today, Broner returns to the PBC to face world class welterweight contender and former IBF champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter, like Broner, a native of Ohio. The two will square off at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The Grand Garden Arena is widely considered the Mecca of boxing because of the numerous high profile fights that have been staged there over the years. And on probably the biggest stage of his career, Broner did the unthinkable. He showed a lack of sportsmanship during the weigh-in and final face-off.

When Porter extended his hand out of respect to Broner, Broner turned his back on Porter and walked off the stage. This was a move that undisputed pound for pound king and best boxer of this era, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, found unacceptable as he attempted to bring Broner back to show some respect to Porter. Broner rejected his “big brother’s” call to sportsmanship. Instead, Mayweather happily walked over to Porter and shook his hand humbly before walking over to Porter’s father and trainer Kenny Porter to shake his hand.

In the beginning of this promotion, Broner promised a more mature and disciplined AB because he was training out in Las Vegas at the Mayweather Boxing Club, but this latest move suggested otherwise. It’s a big difference between trash talking with Kenny Porter ahead of the fight to help generate interest, however, when a man you share the same adviser with and one you grew up idolizing extends his hand as a show of respect, especially after you disrespected the man’s father, be a gentleman in a gentlemen’s sport.

I’m not picking the fight because like many others I feel it’s a pick-em fight, mainly because of the 144 lb catchweight Broner insisted upon. I’ve recently seen way to many instances where fighters from higher weight classes drop down in weight to snag the bigger name and end up getting embarrassed. What I can say is this, I’m rooting for Porter even as an AB fan.

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