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$1,000 per post, somebody has to pay for that

I know several people in this world that get what, to the blind eye, they do not deserve. I, however, am one of those people that think you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you ask for and negotiate. You may ask, if that’s the case, how do I get what I ask for and negotiate? It’s easy, first you must place value on yourself and your talents.

The value I am placing on myself and one of my particular talents, blogging to be exact, is $1,000 per post. Who’s going to pay that or should I say, who has to pay for that? Somebody has to pay for that, and I have the ultimate faith in the universe that every post I place on this site will return $1,000 U.S. cash.

Before I can start contemplating who will pay $1,000 per post I submit to this site, I must first understand that the universe works through people. Some person will have an overwhelming desire to do something good for someone else. Others will make a mistake to open a door for someone that has worked hard consistenlty and is in position to benefit from the opportunity. And others, intently seeking new and pioneering platforms, will gravitate to a message and pass it on to those that can help make a difference.

Therefore, in this world we live in, we must be open to any and all possibilities that will help to improve our condition. There are an infinite amount of possibilities to help improve our condition; however, lots of humans give in to their reptilian brain and become reactionary instead of innovative. A good thing to note is that the reactionary nature of the reptilian brain can indeed lead to innovation. For example, a reaction to the tyrannical rule of England in the original colonies led to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. The key is to not be dependent on your reptilian brain, you must be able to harness that energy and turn it into something positive.

Once you elevate to higher levels of thinking, the person you need to appear will appear with all the gifts of the universe in his or her hands. That person could be black, white, gay, straight, a convicted felon, etc. And as long as you can attain and maintain an open mind, all that you desire will become a reality. Always negotiate terms that are most favorable to you without giving up your dignity and respect. Because once the contract is signed its not always easy to renegotiate.

I’m signed to myself. No one can sign me. People can help me though. And if I feel as if your help is really not help, I will decide not to close a deal with you. It may not be you; however, someone has to pay my fee because I’m putting the work in.



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